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                                                                       Bobcats UPDATE: MARCH 2009

   Welcome back everyone! I know it's been since the All-Star Break, and I sincerely apologize for the lengthy gap between updates. Frankly, due to Booger's Bobcats Blog's low views/feedback, and not much else going on with the Bobs' in recent weeks- I think maybe we were due a break of sorts...

  So lets forget where we left off, and start anew for March and April in what looks to be a promising and optimistic rest of the way for Charlotte's 2009 NBA regular season.

The Bobs' record now stands at 26-35, and they are 18 and a half GB in the SE div. Although they are 6-4 over their last 10 games, Charlotte has a long way to go still in their quest to make the playoffs...


Mar 3                                     Chi                                              W, 96-80

Mar 6Atl7:00 PM    Buy NowMar 7@NY7:30 PM    Buy NowMar 10@SA8:30 PM    Buy NowMar 13Hou7:00 PM    Buy NowMar 14@Min8:00 PM    Buy NowMar 16Tor7:00 PM    Buy NowMar 18Sac7:00 PM    Buy NowMar 20@Tor7:00 PM    Buy NowMar 21Ind7:00 PM    Buy NowMar 25@Wash7:00 PM    Buy NowMar 27@Phi7:00 PM    Buy NowMar 28NY7:00 PM    Buy NowMar 31LAL7:00 PM    

Buy Now


    OUTLOOK:   I see more than a few games on this tilt that are winnable for the Cats. You gotta think, if they reel off a decent stretch through March- "Uptown" Larry Brown and company will be primed and ready to cruise through what forecast to be a manageable last month of the regular season in April. We will cross that bridge as we come to it, because with the Bobs- It's one step at a time still, and that's exactly how we'll digest it as CHA faithful going forward in '09. The Cats need to focus on their respected matchups with these Eastern Conference foes individually to remain hopeful for a postseason berth. If the B-'Cats happen to squeak in- surely they will do it as the last playoff team, possibly on the regular season's final day...

Stay tuned y'all!! Look for sporadic updates as they come until June... I should be in attendance at TWCA for the March 21st home  showdown vs. Indiana, but hopefully I'll sport a solid recap at least before then. GO CATS!!            - NC BOOGER


                                                                                                     Don't sleep on Raja Bell

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                                                                     JANUARY 30 - FEBRUARY 6,2009

               What's up Bobcat Nation? We have endured quite the roller coaster over the past week or so- so what happened? When we last left off, Charlotte had the tail end of a testy road trip with games at Portland, Denver, and Utah. Sadly, they lost all three. The good news is that the 'Bobs return home tonight to take on division rival ATL. Now standing at 19-29, CHA needs to seriously step it up going into the upcoming All-Star break!


  •   2/6 vs. ATL
  •   2/8 @ MIA
  •   2/9 vs. LAC
  •   2/11 vs. WAS




<tbody> Southeast DivisionTeamWLPct.GBHomeRoadOrlando37110.771-19 - 518 - 6Atlanta28200.583918 - 510 - 15Miami26220.5421116 - 810 - 14Charlotte19290.3961813 - 136 - 16Washington10390.20427½7 - 183 - 21 </tbody>


         Unfortunately, the Cats will have to trudge along without leading scorer F Gerald Wallace until after the break.  Juwan Howard, Diop, and others have been struggling to fill the huge void left by the injured G-Force, and it is becoming clearly evident that Charlotte is not the same team without him. Wallace indeed needs more time to recover from rib and lung ailments suffered from a hard foul from LAL big Andrew Bynum.


                                                                           Ageless wonder Juwan Howard tries to stopgap with Wallace out


         Bynum himself, karmatically fell to a knee injury recently, and will be sidelined for 12 weeks! I guess thats what you get when you play stupid, reckless ball, and play way over your head with orbital expectations. Get well soon, G-Wall! As for Bynum- he can rot on the bench the rest of the season for all I care. I hate that guy!


                                                                                             Limpin' ain't easy for Bynum nowadays


                                                              "Uptown" Larry Brown had some choice words for that official, I'm sure...


  •               Bleacher Report's Matt Gilmartin claims that Charlotte won't make the postseason with G-Force out...

                           check out his ramblings at:


                                                                          Diaw must step up game with GW absent


                      That's all for this week, guys and gals! See you before the break with a 2nd half outlook! -  NC BOOGER





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                                                                            JANUARY 21-29, 2009

            Welcome back, y'all! Sorry about the lengthy break in the blog this past week, as it's been an action-packed couple of days for the 'Bobs! When we last left off, Charlotte had upcoming home contests vs. MEM and PHX, followed by a hearty 5-game western road trip... So what happened?

  • (1/21) vs MEM: Okafor's 15 rebs helps the 'Cats cruise over the struggling Grizz 101-86 at TWCA.
  • (1/23) vs PHX: CHA pulls off the home "upset" over Shaq and Co. 98-76, with Boris Diaw scorching his former team. 
  • (1/25) @  IND:  Bobcats lose a heartbreaker to the surging upstart Pacers 98-93. Felton's 12 dimes was not enough...  
  • (1/27) @  LAL:  Boo-Yeah! Diaw leads the charge vs. Kobe and the "Lake Show" 117-110 in a 2OT thriller @ the Staples Center!

  The Bobcats are now an impressive 8-5 in 13 January games so far, at 19-26 they are inching closer to that ever-elusive .500 mark!



  • @POR (12/28)
  • @ DEN (12/30)
  • @ UTAH (2/2)

   The daunting final trio of the western tour should be a challenge for CHA, but hopefully they can escape with at least one win to close out the month 20-28, at least! Keep scratchin' away boys- Good Luck!!


                                                 "EO" rejects Amare on NASCAR night @TWCA

    Friday, January 23rd was NASCAR night in Charlotte, with racing-inspired unis and an appearance by motorsport icon Jeff Gordon...


                                       NASCAR champ Jeff Gordon & wifey (left) were present Friday night

           So while the recent climb by the 'Cats is great, there is however bad news coming out of this road trip, too. Last night in the double OT win in LA, CHA superstar F "G-Force" Gerald Wallace was seriously injured late in the 4th qrt. on a flagrant foul by LAL resident thugling big Andrew Bynum. Wallace flew through the lane furiously on a lay-in attempt, only to apparently bang knees with the young, uneducated, and over-hyped Laker paint presence. G.W. agonized on the floor for a while in obvious pain before having to leave the court area. Upon further diagnosis, Wallace actually sustained a partially (30-40%) collapsed left lung and a (non-displaced) fractured (5th) rib, having to be hospitalized overnight in L.A.  Unfortunately, Wallace will remain in Los Angeles for at least 48 hrs., with no word yet on who will replace him in the lineup, or more importantly- when he will return to the Q.C....


                                 CHA F Gerald Wallace squirms on the floor after Bynum's (intentional?) flagrant foul


                                       This is NOT good news for both the B'Cats and fantasy owners, alike. Wallace stands to miss at least the rest of this week, and might be an injury-risk following. Stay tuned to see what course of action to take regarding the 'Bob's leading scorer and #2 fantasy F in the coming days.


                             It was a really hard foul indeed, and speculation swirling around possible punishment to LAL C Andrew Bynum is afoot. Perhaps NBA commish David Stern will take a look at this, and let's all hope G-Force is ok and makes a speedy recovery from the vicious intentional hacking...


                                                  Lake Show C Bynum hacks GW prior to the flagrant

        WHO DAT? last episode featured another former flaky CHA PG... It's UNC Tarheel product Jeff McInnis! #0 was about worthless during his time in Charlotte, once spawning me to bet my brother at a game we attended last year. The deal was: each quarter McInnis remained scoreless (thru 3 qt.) he had to buy me an adult beverage. Let's just say I had trouble leaving Bobcats Arena that night! Make it a DOUBLE! McInnis ended up w/ a measly 4 pts. in the dissapointing 96-95 loss to BOS on a Ray Allen buzzer-beater. McInnis was seemingly banished from the Bobcats in Feb. '08, shortly after a heated exchange with then CHA skipper Sam Vincent. Since then, the 10-year veteran dissapointment has dissapeared from the NBA- and I couldn't be happier. I could care less if the once Bobcat token Carolina PG returns-good riddance!


                                                     McInnis: #0 on the scorecard, #0 in your heart...

(Sorry guys, no WHO DAT? pic or BOBCATS TRIVIA this week)...

[ANSWER: Bobcats Trivia (1/13-20)- The other UNC product sent to DET from PHI along w/Stackhouse in '97-'98 was none other than former Tarheel bigman great Eric Montross ! I was looking for the alley-oop to longtime UNC b-ball guru Bopdaddy, but oh well!]


                        TARHEEL LOVE VI: Duke legend F Mike Dunleavy and UNC G Raymond Felton battled Sunday in Indy  


 Well, we are going to close the books on this edition of B.B.B. See you guys back here in the coming week, and please have Gerald Wallace in your thoughts and prayers over the next week or so... GO CATS!!    -   NC BOOGER






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                                                                                                          JANUARY 13-20, 2009

             Welcome back, everybody! , the past week or so has been a pretty good stretch for the B'Cats since we last left off, anticipating a difficult road trip vs. CLE, PHI, WAS, and DET. Although the Bobs' lost to the Cavs and Sixers, they did manage to reel off close wins vs. the Wiz, and an upset squeaker against the Bad Boys. Since then, the 'Cats defeated the upstart Portland Trailblazers in a home OT thriller at TWCA on 1/17, and then promptly fell to Tim Duncan and the SA Spurs by 2 last night (1/19).


                                                                        Admit it, Timmy's stats in the ACC and NBA are HOF material...



             Charlotte now stands at 16-25 on the year, yet still comparatively dwell along the likes of  the Knicks and  Bulls? There currently are 10 NBA teams with the same, if not worse records than the Bobcats: NYK,TOR,IND,WAS,MEM,MIN,OKC,GS,SAC,and LAC. Approaching the halfway point of this long NBA season, things should not seem that bad for the QC faithful regarding playoff hopes. While CHA remains a dubious 17 GB of the SED-leading juggernaut Orlando Magic, they do appear to have the capacity to to surprise. With upsets vs. popular NBA franchises like BOS, MIA, NO, UT,PHI,CHI, and POR so far this season, fans should never write off the 'Cats on any given night...


                                                                                              Raymond Felton is our "Answer"



Here's the "good" news: Home bouts vs.

  • MEM (Wed, 1/21)
  •  PHX (Fri. 1/23)

Here's the bad news: A nasty 5-game western road trip to follow-

  • @ IND (12/25)
  • @LAL (12/27)
  • @POR (12/28)
  • @ DEN (12/30)
  • @ UTAH (2/2)

          The Bobcats certainly have their work cut out for them during this challenging westcoast swing. Winning 3 or 4 of these upcoming 7 games would be great, as CHA needs to gain some serious ground in the division approaching the All-Star break...




                                                                                     Swirling rumors of a Felton trade worry me...

WORD:        There has been much to do in the QC recently about the potential shippage of UNC product PG Raymond Felton! Say it ain't so! Felton is not only a fan fav, but he's the Bobcat's future! Ray-Felt is truly a widespread NC b-ball icon, and needs to stay in CHA for ticket sales if anything. Clearly Felton is the conductor of the Bobcat's O, despite the recent addition of PHX transplant G Raja Bell and surprisingly productive early performance from DJ Augustin. Felton of course, has tons of upside and is attractive to many G-needy teams, yet is obviously crucial to the 'Cat's everyday production. I think Charlotte would have to shaft someone hard to warrant a Felton departure...




UPDATE: DAL was intitially in the mix for Felton talks, so this move may thwart any notions concerning Ray going to Big-D, at least...



We get (From DAL) :


       C- DeSagana Diop


      SG- Matt Carroll

      C- Ryan Hollins

            Obviously, the Bobcats are thirsty for some depth at C, as they give up a 7-footer and a SG for another 7-footer? Both Hollins and Carroll have been very unproductive in limited minutes so far this season, and having one decently skilled defensive-minded backup big-man is definitely worth a pair of seldom-used scrubs.

            Perhaps Diop might fill in like Nazr did last year in a pinch? Currently, Diop is averaging a sleepy 13.3 mpg w/ 1.6 ppg and 3.5 rpg through 34 games, shooting at a dreadful 37.9%. I put both of these guys in the same boat as bench C's, yet remain hopeful DeSagana can contribute greatly to the 'Cats going forward in the second half of '09...


Keep an eye on Carroll and Hollins in their new Maverick roles, yet don't expect fantasy-worthy stats within that crowded house of a DAL O antime soon. As for Diop, assume he will net around Nazr-like stats, which ain't much. Perhaps scout all three, but don't dare reach for any of them as a stop-gap or RS right now- even in the deepest of fantasy leagues. They might not ave. 25 minutes combined any given week...


IMO: I hate to see long-range sharpshooter Irish standout Matt Carroll depart, yet I am fine with the idea of getting a substitute C to spell struggling '08 addition big Nazr Mo', and/or Euro-rookie project Ajinca every now and then. Hollins? Be gone! Carroll and Hollins were dissapointing when they were on the floor, and any valuable and relevant clock-hoggin' sub is sorely needed, at center or otherwise...

          Hopefully, Diop can at least hold it down in relief paint duty during slim mins for the 'Cats going forward. I'm not crazy about the move, but I think it's an ample band-aid for our C depth. The 7' 280-something lb. Diop joins NBA freshman frenchman 7'/220 lb. C Alexis Ajinca and DET transplant post monger Nazr Mohammed at 6'10"/250 lb. Let's see if this three-headed monster of bench bigman can help fortify our beloved Bobcats' competitive depth the rest of the way!


                                                                                             Ajinca         Nazr




          Likewise, i was stoked at the chance of former NC HS legeng and DAL vagabond G Jerry Stackhouse returning to the Tarheel state! Get 'em MJ! I think Stack would be a popular and perhaps resurgent force, spelling either G-Wall,cDiaw, or a defensive G slot in a matchup pinch. The Kinston, NC native and Oak Hill/UNC-Chapel Hill superstar baller was at one time considered "the next Jordan" , and would additionally bring in many a throwback member of Tarheel nation to TWCA,too!


                               TARHEEL LOVE V: Clearly, North Carolina roundball legend "Stack" wants out of Mark Cuban's plans...





  •     What other UNC product was involved in that '97-'98 Sixer's trade that sent Stackhouse to DET?


  •   Unfortunately, nobody got last edition's B.B.B. Bobcats Trivia: "What is MJ's favorite food?"

             I did however hear some good guesses from my fellow in-house Bobcat Nation compadres:

                                       "BBQ!" Nope; although Eastern North Carolina is highly regarded for it's award-winning swine. "Bojanges", or fried chicken in particular was thrown out there, as the Boj is all too convieniently located throughout TWCA's concourse! "Fried Shrimp!"  Close- it's seafood... Hailing from the coastal area of beautiful Wilmington, NC it's only fitting that our prodigal state b-ball god favors (my guess is fried) seafood! "The Sanitary" in Morehead City, NC is still widely heralded as the best seafood available on the Tarheel state's crystal coast- and beyond?! 



WHO DAT?                                                                                                    

                                                                                                                     It's Boyki-Boyk!

      [Congrats to mothershipWISE for correctly identifying this former CHA guard! He remains perfect from the charity stripe this year!]

      Earl Boykins made big news this past offseason by signing Europe's current all-time largest pro b-ball deal... He ain't that good, y'all!


                                                                                                                         Who Dat?



 That's it for this week, kids- as we will discuss trade rumors amidst other franchise happenings here in the coming week! Keep ballin' Cats! Until then -   NC BOOGER 



                                                            Someone please give "Uptown" Larry Brown a chill pill...






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                                                                                              JANUARY 7 - JANUARY 12, 2009

              Bobcats Win! Bobcats Win! Our beloved Charlotte NBA franchise upset the defending chumpion Boston Celtics in OT last night at TWCA 114-106!  Check out the audacity that Sportsline community "Pro" and Celt's bandwagoneer Rhigh 2004 had in this arrogant Bobcat's post:

                         Rhigh 2004: [ "I feel so bad about the beat down that my Celtics are going to give you gals. Why did the NBA give Charlotte another franchies!?!?!?! You guys are horrible fans, but I don't blame you. Not everyone can have Celtic Pride. Trust me kiddos, winning a Championship last year and having almost 30 wins already isn't all that great what it seems to me................. Nah.. who am I kidding? I love being a Celtics fan! Every morning I wake up and look into the mirror and say "I'm so glad I'm not a Bobcat fan!" Tonight should be a spanking. I hope the Celtics don't leave any marks."]





 Boy was that stupid! Be sure to break him off a fat slice of your own Bobcat Pride in response at:



                                                                                            "How do them nuts taste?"

       Anyway, It was a huge upset W for the B' Cats nonetheless, and pompous Massholes can stick it where the sun don't shine. Please pick on someone your own size, as you have bigger problems than smack-talking the lowly Bobcats faithful. What you thought was an easy win on the schedule bit you in the behind, and I pray you lost the house on last night's game. The nerve...





                                                                                             Yes Doc, that just happened

            So when we last left off, the 'Cats were anticipating a double-up with MIL, followed by the matchup with the defending cramps. Friday, Charlotte fell to the Bucks 103-75, but repayed the favor at home Saturday to the tune of a 102-92 victory.  The guard play of Raymond Felton and DJ Augustin led the way with a combined 45 points in the upset OT win vs. BOS; while "G-Force" Gerald Wallace chipped in with 23 and 6, and Emeka Okafor added 13 pts. with 17 boards.  The 'Bobs hit the road hard in the coming days, and will need to reel off some more Ws during this 4 game tour to better gain valuable ground in the SED throughout this pivotal month of January...


  •  Wed.  1/7- @CLE
  •  Fri.      1/9 - @PHI
  •  Sat.    1/10 - @WAS
  •  Tue.   1/13 - @DET





         Former Bobcats superstar guard Jason Richardson has made headlines recently after being arrested on DUI suspicion by Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian reservation fuzz, early Sunday morning on 12/21.  The former Michigan State spartan was said to have a blood-alcohol level of .08, while cruising the PHX-area N.A. community on the late-night tip in his '08 Benz. Yesterday after practice, J-Rich commented on the latest mishap: "The only thing I really have to say is, I just want to apologize for the distraction to my teammates, to the Suns organization, especially the fans." "It's a distraction going on, but I'm just going to let the judicial system take its course." I wish Richy-Rich the best of luck in this untimely ordeal, and hope everything works out. Bad things happen to good people everyday, and DUI is pretty commonplace amongst pro athletes nowadays.  It'll get "taken care of"...


             I'm not sure of the legal stipulations on the AZ reservation, but this occurence doesn't seem like it will sideline J.R. much, if any.  He remains a very serviceable G in all fantasy formats, for now. Stay tuned to see if anything surfaces on this matter- but it appears to be all-systems-go with the Michigan native at this juncture...



      WHO DAT?                                                                                              


                                                                                    One-time CHA PG Brevin Knight

Our Who Dat? segment last edition featured former flashy, yet mediocre Bobcat point Brevin Knight. B.K. played in the QC from 2004-2007, and averaged around 10 points and  8 dimes a game during his CHA stint. Brevin is currently employed for the Utah Jazz, and is primarily a reserve guard. I saw B. Knight at a local mall in '06, and was more impressed with his gaudy oversized spinning platinum timepiece than I was his PG skills for the 'Cats at the time... 

FANTASY IMPACT: Obviously, Knight has minimal fantasy value this season w/ UTAH, as he once was a borderline #3 or #4 fantasy G.



                                                                                                          Who Dat?




(12/29-1/6 ANSWER): The Charlotte Hornets were originally supposed to be called the Charlotte Spirit upon conception. After getting some static from the locals, CHA brass decided to go with a historical NC Revolutionary War reference of the Tarheel state being dubbed a virtual "hornet's nest." Sadly, there were no winners this week- better luck next time y'all...

   With all the recent attention to, and scrutiny surrounding the ballooning weight of Bobcat's ringleader Michael Jordan-

  • What is MJ's favorite food?   


                                                                                  Hint: Think about where Jordan grew up...




                                               TARHEEL LOVE IV: Jordan (w/lowfat latte) and fellow UNC pudgemeister Sean May

 That's all for this week, y'all. Gimme a shout out about all things concerning the B-Cats for the coming month and beyond!- NC BOOGER








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                                                                             DECEMBER 29, 2008 - JANUARY 6, 2009


                   Welcome back, y'all! I hope everyone had a safe and happy Holiday Season this past week! While it was easy to get distracted by Christmas Day B-Ball, CFB bowl games, and outdoor NHL action atop normal festive happenings- the Charlotte Bobcats still played a few games over the past week or so...

  • 12/23 vs. WAS - W 80-72
  • 12/26 @ NJ     -  W 95-87
  • 12/27 vs. NJ    -   L 114-103
  • 12/30 ns. NY   -   L 93-89


  •  1/2 @ MIL
  •  1/3 vs. MIL
  •  1/6 vs. BOS
  •  1/7 @ CLE


                  The B' Cats are 4-6 in their last 10, and still dwindling at 4th in the Southeast Conference. Now 14 GB of division-leading Orlando, Charlotte needs to gain some ground amidst a brutal sched this month.  In addition to the bouts with the Cavs and defending chamion Celts, the 'Cats' January docket consist of several challenging opponents; highlighted by contests with Detroit, San Antonio, PHX, the Lakers, Nuggs, and Portland- twice.  Let's not look too far ahead though, and digest this overwhelming non-division slate one-game-at-a-time. Meanwhile, ATL has won 6 straight currently, and remain only 3.5 games behind the streaking Magic, who are looking more and more like the team to beat in the SED, not MIA or ATL. The Wiz still can't seem to get it together, and are dubiously cellar-dwelling at 6-24! So yeah, it could be much worse!  The Heat are still hanging around at 3rd place, and it seems like CHA will have to catch up to MIA, at least, if there's any shot at making the playoffs this year. Right now the Bobcats are sitting at 11-21, and desperately need to get closer to .500 to make a postseason appearance feasible in 2009. Good luck this week, fellas!





                  Wowza! PHX transplant frenchman F Boris Diaw has continued to step his game up for the Bob's! Over the last 3 games, Bo' has averaged a whopping 42 mpg, while boasting gaudy 15 ppg, 6 apg, and nearly 8 rpg numbers during that span. He does however sport a noticeable ave. of 5 turnovers/gm over the past 7 days or so, and stands at 2.32 for the year in that category. The TOs seem to be the only flaw in his production though, as Diaw has undoubtedly given a needed boost to both the improvement of our offense and defense alike, since the move to the QC from the Suns. Keep up the good work, dude!


                  Obviously, if he is still available in your fantasy league- scoop him up ASAP! Last episode of B.B.B., his owned/started percentage in CBS fantasy roundball formats was ascending to an impressive 89/63. Currently, the well-rounded baller enjoys a popular 93/75  O/S%, and is proving to be a godsend to owners in what has been a very weak F pool in fantasy play so far this season. His recent eye-popping production is skyrocketing him into nearly "must-start" status...



        Taking it back to the old school! Apparently, there was a crucial technical malfunction at Time Warner Cable Arena for last Tuesday's (12/30) game against NYK...  Check out the CBS short concerning this embarrasing mishap at:



                                                                                       Larry was not happy about the glitch, I'm sure.




                                                                                                          Holy %#@&!   It's G-Man!

  WHO DAT? last segment featured a prominent face in North Carolina basketball, indeed! Yes, it's former Duke legend and Charlotte Hornet Mike Gminski! He is currently involved with the CBS March Madness coverage team, and ACC b-ball for Fox. He was a great commentator for the Charlotte Hornets NBA franchise for 8 years.

     Congrats to mothershipWISE for providing the correct answer on last edition. Good looking out, bro!




                                                                                                                     Who Dat?



   BOBCATS TRIVIA:   What were the Charlotte Hornets originally to be named upon conception in '87/'88?

(ANSWER 12/23-12/28)-     Rocky Mount, N.C. is the locale we were looking for in last ep's Bobcats Trivia...

 A huge shout-out goes to longtime TarHeel guru bopdaddy for draining that answer correctly from way downtown! For threeeeeee...YES!



                                                                   Tarheel Love III: Felton and Duhon exhibit rare UNC/Dook embrace


 Bleacher Report has a good article pertaining to what's going on with the Bobcats' play as of late-Check it out:          


                                     CHA PF Sean May, pimping sideline in streetclothes, claims he's "in shape" enough to play...



   Well, that's it for this installment, kids! See y'all back here during the meat of next week sometime for a new scoop...

                                                                                                                                                                     GO CATS!  - NC BOOGER





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                                                                                                    DECEMBER 23-28, 2008

                 So what's up, Charlotte?  Since Tuesday's entry the Bobcats have won 2 out of their last 3, with an OT win over Chicago at home, and a Memphis W on the road.  Sadly CHA could not pull off the victory against Golden State on Saturday at TWCA, falling to the Bay Area Warriors 110-103.  The 'Cats record on the year now stands at 9-19, as they are currently 6 games back of the 3rd place Heat in the Southeast Division.  They are 2-8 in their past 10, and will be looking to gain some ground in the standings with a couple of manageable matchups heading into the new year...


  •      TUE (12/23) Charlotte plays host to the Wiz, who are struggling mightily at 4-21. WAS is 0-6 in the division and 1-9 on the road.
  •      FRI & SAT (12/26 & 12/27) the Bobs take on New Jersey (13-13) twice; @NJ Friday night, and back in the QC for Saturday's bout.
  •      TUE (12/30) Charlotte is your NBA destination for the B'Cats last game of '08: The 11-16 NY Knickerbockers come to town...


                                                                                        G-G-G-GEE FORCE Wallace slams one 



                  How about the recent play of new Bobcat Boris Diaw!  The French F has instantly stepped his game up for the B'Cats since the trade with PHX over a week ago.  Over the past 4 games Bo has averaged 37.5 mpg, over 19 ppg, 4 apg, and 7.5 rpg!  If he can keep up this production, and hold the turnovers to a minimum, we might be looking at the 2008 NBA Most Improved Player.  He has seriously balled out in his newfound environment, and will look to continually thrive as a Bobcat as the season progresses...


                                                                       Boris Diaw has impressed early on with the Cats

FANTASY UPDATE: Last week Diaw's owned/started % in CBS fantasy b-ball leagues was circling around 77/45, up from 34/9 just 2 weeks previous.  Today B.D.'s O/S stands at a highly respectable 89/63!  Needless to say, if he's still available in your outfit- pick him up.  Right now!  In a seemingly shallow kiddie pool of solid fantasy Fs, you could certainly use a stat sheet filling guy like Boris on your team.



                Meanwhile, aging jorneyman PF Juwan Howard hasn't been completely invisible since signing with Charlotte... When starter Gerald Wallace had to attend his father's funeral, another recent death in his family, Ju Ho filled in decently.  In 26 minutes vs. the Bulls on 12/16, Juwan yanked down 5 rebs and dropped 8 points.  In 2 games since he has seen limited time, but has at least somewhat showed up during those contests.  Luckily, the Cats will not need a whole lot of PT from the former Michigan Wolverine "Fab 5" member, with the swift return of G-Force evident.  I know these aren't G-Wall-type numbers, but they would have to do in a tight PF pinch for CHA...





FANTASY UPDATE:  Despite the meager spike in PT over the past week, Howard still remains a lonesome hitchhiker along the busy fantasy b-ball highway.  I claimed that the F crop was thin, but it's not THAT thin!  Leave the 6'9 35 year-old post player on waiver wire.  If you can find it in your heart to add the ex-Rocket PF to your scout team, pray nobody on the CHA depth chart in front of him gets hurt... 



                             Congrats go out to heralded top-ranked University of North Carolina's superstar big man Tyler Hansbrough!  "Psycho T" broke Bobcats assistant Phil Ford's longstanding 30-year TarHeel all-time scoring record on Thursday (12/18) against Evansville.  Hansbrough climbed the school career points ranks amidst a plethora of famous UNC basketball legends: James Worthy, Antawn Jamison, and of couse, Jordan just to name a few.  It is an admirable milestone indeed, as Tyler is also in the hunt for Magic backup G and memorable Duke 3-point monster J.J. Redick's all-time ACC scoring mark, as well.  Naturally, the NPOY would be a godsend to Charlotte if they could land him in the draft, but it's unlikely at this point. Keep ballin' boy, lead them 'Heels to a National Championship!  


                                                                  Tarheel Love Too: Phil gives Psycho T recordbreaking props



BOBCATS TRIVIA:                What NC High School did Bobcats assistant Phil Ford attend?

(ANSWER: 12/16-12/22)  The former Charlotte Hornets '89 1st round pick out of UNC we were looking for is none other than J.R. Reid!





                                                                                                       Othella Harrington!

Who Dat? mystery mug last episode was former busted Charlotte big man flop Othella Harrington!  Last I heard, he was overseas ballin' and/or involved in the theatre?!  Once highly-touted nationally, the project paint prospect went on to play with Iverson @ GTown before a brief floundering attempt at a pro stint.   The 30th overall pick by HOU ('96) still holds the McDonald's All-American Game rebounding record (21).  Harrington was signed by CHA in 2006, but was dubiously released this summer.  Big O skipped 71 gms in a pair of seasons with Charlotte due to 2 different surgical procedures on his problematic left knee. The 34-year-old PF/C had only 22 APPs last year, and he aved just 2.1 measly points and just under 2 lowly rpg.  Obviously out of the NBA, the Hoyas' all-time leading ORB has no fantasy worth...

                                                                                                             WHO DAT?


                                                                             Who is this North Carolina roundball legend? 




                              Bubbling rumors about the Raptors shopping the likes of Anthony Parker and Jermain O'Neal are afoot.  Either of these guys suited to join the B'Cats?  There are a few more players out there involved in trade rumors, who might surface here in the coming weeks.  Of course, both Starbury and Ed Curry are on the block up in NY.  GS is allegedly brewing up ideas of moving ex-'Heel star Brandan Wright, as well as former LSU SF Anthony Randolph- for Felton? G-Wall? What's going on here? We'll discuss the possibilities of these moves, and who may be of some potential relevance in the QC next time... I saw something where Mutombo was planning to latch on with a NBA team after the holidays!?


                                                                                                         Mutombo ! 





BOBCATS FANTASY LINEUP:                           



                                     Suns transplant shooter Raja Bell is just on the brink of a fantasy reserve play under L.B.



      Happy Holidays, and good luck to your school if they are participating in bowl week!  See y'all around New Years!- NC BOOGER








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                                                                                                        DECEMBER 16-22, 2008


                                                                    Larry Brown is still fed up with NBA officiating after all these years...

                               So talks of the recent trade with Pheonix involving Jason Richardson, Jared Dudley, and a future pick for Boris Diaw, Raja Bell, and Sean Singletary is where we left off Saturday; along with the announcement of veteran F Juwan Howard signing with the Bob's.  Since then the 'Cats have lost to Detroit and ATL, dubiously dropping their record on the year to a lowly 7-18. 

  UPCOMING SCHEDULE:  Tonight (12/16) the Bobcats host Da Bulls, followed by contests at the Grizz Friday, and at home vs. Golden State Saturday.  Lets hope to get off of this nasty 7 game losing streak! 

                               The influx of our newly aquired Suns tranfers should continue to blossom in the coming week, as instant starter F Diaw and steady contributor G Bell will try and get the jitters out.  Singletary will likely assume a deeper PG/SG bench spot, but all 3 of these guys will have to adjust to their new surroundings in Charlotte one way or another...


                                                                              NKOTB: Boris Diaw, Raja Bell, and Sean Singletary




                                                                     New Bobcat SF Boris Diaw looks to make an immediate impact 

  •                       SF Boris Diaw - Diaw has really come out guns blazing in his debut for Charlotte!   After a slower 27 min, 7, 9, 5 debut effort against the Pistons, Boris balled out of control vs. the Hawks in 40 minutes of PT: dropping 25 with 3 and 3.  His performance so far in these 2 games already shows what kind of difference maker the versatile 6'8" Frenchman can be.  Coach Larry Brown is excited about the new additions, and is anxious to see what these players can bring to the table in the QC.  Brown has initially commended the flexibility and resourcefulness of Diaw, and he stands to see an increase in playing time with his new found team, that's for sure...


                                        With the boost in PT, Diaw should instantly be raising eyebrows in your fantasy NBA league.  Where the F position has been pretty thin thus far, Boris could be a thrifty and trendy pick up off the waiver wire that helps your squadron right now.  There has been many decently projected forwards dissapoint or dissapear this season already, and owning a reliable do-it-all type F goes a long way in delevoping or strengthening your starting lineup or bench depth alike.  If he's available, you might want to scoop him up before another hated division foe does.  Diaw was one of those guys popularly autodrafted and retained by managers, mostly absent from their drafts and/or predominantly inactive fantasy players who selected him based on his lofty repeat projections in PHX at the start of the year.  Likewise, many owners got discouraged by the uneven minutes his time as a sporadic Sun brought forth early on.  His production, albeit down from recent years, was pretty consistent if anything despite the lack of heavy floor time up to this point.  Currently his owned/started in CBS leagues is around 77/45 and rising, up from an unassuming 34/9 just two scoring weeks ago.  CBS fantasy b-ball analysts recently claimed that Bo is currently a #4 F, with dramatically high #3 potential in his new atmosphere and role.





                                                                                          Still I'm just the same ol' Sean


  •                     PG Sean Singletary -   Sean is a talented little point guard, who may indeed have a bright NBA career ahead of him.  He is the only player in Atlantic Coast Conference history to get 2,000 points, 500 dimes, 400 boards, and 200 steals career.  Wow! That's no slouch, man!  Singletary is considered decent organizational depth at this point for Charlotte, but if you happened to see this promising young Philly baller in college- you had to be impressed.  It's going to be interesting to see what the speedy 6' 180-something playmaker can do in his limited bench G role for the Cats out of the gate... 


                                        The 2nd round, 12th pick (42nd overall) by the Kings in '08 is now relegated to a reserve guard role for the B 'Cats- not for your fantasy team.  It looked like the former All-ACC Virginia Cavalier standout point was going to barely get a glimpse at double digits in fantasy play during the first 6 weeks. Alas, leave the young rookie unowned and doggie-pattling in the free agent waters for now in standard outfits, as I know he currently is unowned in your CBS NBA league.  If you happen to be in the deepest ACC-fans or keeper format where the former HS WR is still available, then by all means grab him.




                                                             All-Star selection and 14 yr. vet F Juwan Howard musters up a dunk

  •                      PF Juwan Howard - The Bobcats cut recently aquired newby big Dwane Jones on 12/12, to make room for veteran journeyman PF force Juwan Howard.  This is Howard's 15th career NBA season, as he has played for WAS, DAL, DEN, ORL, and HOU up until his signing with the 'Cats last Friday.  He was let go by the Nuggs following the whole A.I. ordeal out there in Denver last month.  Y'all will probably remember Juwan from his All-American college daze for the "Fab Five" of the University of Michigan's Final Four run back in '92 and '93, if anything.  The aging ex- Washington Bullets power forward has had the astute honor of being named to the NBA's All-Rookie ('95) and All-Star ('96) teams throughout his storied NBA journey.  The Chicago native now finds himself at least on a depth chart for an NBA franchise at age 35.  Howard will likely see very limited PF/C time for Charlotte, but his veteran leadership will be much appreciated in the development and maturity of our young team, nonetheless.  Welcome aboard, Juwan!  Let's hope he can regain even a portion of that "All-Star" form to make some kind of adequate bench presence felt in Charlotte...


                                    Juwan Howard shouldn't even see anywhere near enough PT to warrant a play in any fantasy league right now, or sadly ever again.  If you are a huge Michigan fan then he might be worth a reserve stash, but not much else.  Ignore him in everday fantasy roundball competition for the time being.                     





             Bobcats Trivia:

  •                       Who was the Charlotte (Hornet's) First Round Draft Pick (5th overall) from UNC in 1989?


                                   (The answer from B'Cats Trivia on 12/8 is none other than MJ's college roomate and fellow Asheville, N.C. native early 80's Tarheel baller Buzz Peterson!   Buzz had coached in the NCAA ranks as either a head coach or assistant with Coastal Carolina, UT, Tulsa, Vandy, ETSU, N.C. State, and App State prior to becoming Jordan's right hand man as director of player personnel with the Bobcats.)   [Congrats, Carolina Rep828 with the swiiiiishhhhhhhhh on that one! Good lookin' out, man...]



  • Who Dat?  this week looks at a former big man who once had ties with Charlotte BBall.                                                                  


                                                                                                                 Who am I?

 (Who Dat? on 12/8 was former University of Florida product and 2000 22nd overall pick Donnell Harvey.  Last thing I heard,he was playing overseas in Turkey. He was the 2008 Bobcats Summer invite we were looking for...)                                                     


                                                                                                         Gators love Turkey






                                                               Tarheel Love: UNC greats Felton & Sheed reunite on 12/13 vs. DET

                    Good Luck Bobcats! Lets try to snap this recent funk !  See y'all in a couple of days...        - NC BOOGER 







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